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Multimedia Storytelling

Presenting content in the type of media most appropriate to the nature of the story being told

Journalist with major interest in multimedia storytelling. That means presenting information in a nonlinear format trough the combination of text, still photographs, video clips, audio and graphics.


Non linear - Information in each medium should be complementary, not redundant. Rather than reading a rigidly structured single narrative, the user chooses how to navigate through the elements of a story.


Not redundant -  Rather than having a text version of a story accompanied by a video clip that essentially tells the same story, different parts of a story are told using different media.


The key is using the media form - video, audio, photos, text, animation - that will present a segment of a story in the most compelling and informative way.

Able to find own stories, film and edit filmed material. Able to search and find Open Data, organize and filter important informations and create Graphics / Maps / Video and HTML contents. Working on Linux platform and using Open Source applications like Gimp, KDEnlive, Blender, Quantum Gis and many others. 

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